Graphic Designers Know How to Get Documents Read

(hint: white space is good)

It's the truth. I've transformed weighty tomes of technical tedium into visually appealing and user-friendly information delivery systems.  Think about that the next time you get handed a ream of copier paper power-stapled and packed with text from edge to edge.

Make the Right Kind of Impression

Your logo, marketing materials and visual presentations are often the first impression you will make on a client and the last thing you will leave in their hands when your presentation is through. A skilled graphic designer makes the difference when it comes to making your message stand out in the crowd.
Graphic design is my first love, my favorite opportunity to work closely with a customer to design and produce materials that set you apart from all the others out there producing their own materials from Publisher (or worse, Word) templates.

Is It Time for a Makeover?

How confidently do you hand out your business cards? Does your letterhead speak as well about your business as your work does? When you leave behind a brochure, are you confident that it will carry your message as clearly and effectively as your sales pitch?
Graphic design is one area where you may realize an almost immediate return on your investment. There is a reason the largest companies in the world regularly update their image by introducing a new or redesigned logo. A new look generates buzz and gives the impression of vibrance and vitality. Imagine feeling the energy flow into you and your staff when the new business cards and brochures arrive.